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Ahead Of Our Time (feat. Headkrack; 5​-​D; Gensu Dean; Mo Ney Stax)

from by 7evenThirty

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[Verse 1 - Headkrack] Such an eclectic, Rap’s Nikola Tesla/ I’m a eight year program, you’re just a semester/ I live in my laboratory, clones battle for me/ They only weeks old, when chicks fuck ‘em in statatory/ You’ll get it later, critics, haters and fans/ When I rock it’s like Michael J. Fox at the dance/ Marty McFly, zip by, this is my DeLorean/ It runs on rappers’ fears, it’s clear who’s victorious/ With warriors in jets, gold chains on my neck/ Attracts them android hoes, the Casimir Effect/ And certainly they work with me, I understand they circuitry/ I scoop ‘em from their planet and I let ‘em hang on Earth with me/ While me and 7evenThirty serve MCs/ Futuristic imagery will trick the nerve of ye/ I’m Albert Einstein with wifi, chumps why try/ Word to Stephen Hawking [We’re ahead of our time

[Verse 2 - 5-D] Intergalactically known, locally respected/ Next shit, post-apocalyptic Mad Max, bitch/ Gather ‘round and meet JackTown’s Doctor Emmet Brown, while 7evenThirty stay so McFly/ We in the sky, cause the space rhyme continuum’s the fabric of our lives/ You shaky like Aaron Neville’s voice, not gonna survive/ Watch the blu-rays thrive/ Took it to your beta max, but it wasn’t enough, coming straight up out the Jack/ Turning rappers to dust/ Rising to the fifth dimension, where it’s beautifully rough/ While you stuck down in the third, skinny DNA nerds/ You fickle sickle cell n*ggas ain’t cold/ Leave ya girl, and watch a n*gga get chose/ [I thought you knew]/ You little Jack Ass youth, doing Jack Ass things with ya Jack Ass crew/ My n*ggas take it nine innings, from the start to the beginning/ We beamin’ and Charlie Sheenin’, my n*gga, that’s by Winning/ From the start to the beginning/ We beamin’ and Charlie Sheenin’, my n*gga, we by Winning

[Hook - Gensu Dean] Let me take a sec/ And run it down the line/ 5 MC’s known to freeze your soul and mind/ Tracks still laced, twist ya face like a fresh lime/ 3 hard knocks, and just one dime/ Poison you wack MC’s like turpentine/ Alway on the grind/ Caught up in a bind/ The ladder of success, yeah, we are known to climb/ Fresh or online/ Ahead of our time

[Verse 3 - Mo Ney Stax] Me and these n*ggas spaced out/ 7:30, I wake up/ Heaven’s where we are sent from/ Outta this world I take ya/ Booth in the back I massacre, bloody, it’s kinda tragic how Mo Ney in any galaxy actually different caliber/ Strike with minimal, astronomically difficult/ Replication impossible possibly sick and mental I’m/ hard as cement is, make martyrs from you and kinfolk, impartial to spittin’ prophecies, scarred up from what I been through/ And it’s so simple, I hardly wanna bother, ahead of our time, a scholar, too smart to be gettin’ caught up/ Go ‘head, I’m watchin’ you takin’ my smart for weakness/ I’m proper when I be speakin’, but reach for the Glock to pop you/ So patiently, you been waitin’, erasin’ you say is favorite, replace ‘em with me I basically take out who’s ever facin’ me/ Aching to be embraced by us, race to the top you chasin’ that number one spot I’m takin’/ More over and make a vacancy

[Verse 4 - 7even] See, there’s no way that you can safely save a space for me, it’s never gone be pretty/ From Jackson, Mississippi, and fuckin’ up major cities/ Grab ya women and children, cause every time we do battle, we crashin’ into ya buildings/ that’s collateral damage/ Spittin’ from in the brain with it, written within the cranium, gifted within’ this language/ I am so insane, I’ll beat you in Japanese animation/ Anime/ “Eat the cake, Anna Mae” shit, with spaceships/ I’m Vegeta/ You rappers are Mr. Popo/ You got to speed up/ Just to catch my written slow-flow/ So ahead of my time,I will go back in time to knock you dead with a line and still make it back in time to meet my deadline/ My spittin’ germ got the power to stop the earth spinnin’, building enough inertia to hurl you all into space/ Fall into place/ I got lasers of all different shapes/ All collaborated and aimed to hit you all in the face/ You don’t want it



from Heaven's Computer, released September 25, 2012
Producer: Erik L



all rights reserved


7evenThirty Jackson, Mississippi

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