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Space Gangsta (feat. Coke Bumaye; Ivisuai)

from by 7evenThirty

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[Verse 1 - Coke Bumaye] Reportin’ live from the south side of another planet/ Where money is no advantage/ Schoolin’ every rapper, i welcome ‘em to my campus/ Pussy n*ggas, they panic/ They saggin’, showin’ they panties/ That’s vulgar, believe me, I showed ya’/ I just want that head, baby you can keep the shoulders/ Mountain to a boulder, Sergeant to a soldier/ n*ggas mean-muggin’ until I get the “Folgers”/ Hot shit to ya’ mug, lay you ass down/ Mean-muggin’, don’t let that be yo last frown/ It’s the last down, do I look scary?/ Fourth and inches, n*ggas still throwin’ Hail Marries/ I carry this shit like a digit/ When you great, don’t have hate, you have critics/ So civic/ New Jack City, Nino Browns gettin’ found face down the the river/ My n*ggas need a lung and a liver/ The way they smoke the loud and they chase it wit the liquor/ Keep lookin’ til ya get the big picture/ And I keep snappin’ like I see the big picture/ hang with a gang of stars, the Big Dipper/ And it’s fuck you and whoever come witcha/ Other shit, like I’m from outer space/ Sitll gettin’ tats, til I run outta space/ On the highway to Mars, better get out my way/ Space Gangstas in this bitch, wanna come out and play

[Verse 2 - Ivisuai] Grey cap and my grey boots/ Ja Ru damage a track/ Make hits, just like babe Ruth/ Empty closets for my space suit/ I’m in my spaceship gettin’ high, engine run off Grey Goose/ You can’t spoof if you say boo/ You in the coupe, n*gga make room/ And stay tuned/ We make moves/ Through the galaxy, rapidly/ Watchin’ my back ‘cause Boba Fett tryna capture me/ traded in the 4- 5th for the brand new laser gun with the prototype chip/ Been flowin’ like this since I was just a youngster/ How I can remember, a young n*gga was a stunner/ Son of a gunner, mu’fucka, I’m a bastard/ No flow father figure, why it’s so savage/ We on the hyper speed chase for the cabbage/ Steady makin’ bread, check my Facebook status/ And hit ‘em up, might still don’t give a fuck/ Yo, I smoke trees daily, plus drink up in my cup/ Hyperspace travel on a whole ‘nother sound brink/ Yo, hold up, that’s 7evenThirty on the com link

[Verse 3 - 7evenThirty] Horror Hell-bringer dead wrong/ Max Redrum/ Starship Trooper-style murder murk ya, head gone/ Closed casket killer, kil ‘em with lyricism/ I’m a souther-style sinner with sinister cynicism/ ManMelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol, poppin brains like pimples/ I enter through the left and exit out the right temple/ Now get this for the record, 7evenThiry’s quite mental/ I pierce through ya dental wit the pen and pencil/ Cause I don’t need the pencil or the pen to pull a pistol/ I’m laying antifreeze for these new-school “cool cats”, black/ I should be in the booth in black zoot suit and jetpack/ I’m so Space Gangsta/ Switchblade, I nickname the mini lightsaber, walk up and shank ya, thank ya/ Leave you on the roof and let the sun “stanky stank” ya/ This the West Jack, where we don’t take to strangers/ the most unpredictable n*ggas wavin’ a weapon and waitin’ to rob a Will Robinson/ Danger Danger/ Sights, guiding light through the night with the laser/ That touch ya/ Now watch Scottie bea ya whole face up/ And you just had to keep it so gangsta/ But lookie where that gotcha with ya body so laced up/ I’ll do a favor/ I’ll throw some choppers on ya stretcher, now you laid up/ Dripped out, draped up


from Heaven's Computer, released September 25, 2012
Producer: 5-D



all rights reserved


7evenThirty Jackson, Mississippi

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