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Heaven's Radio

from by 7evenThirty

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[Verse 1] Spoke wit my savior today/ He told me take one day at a time, you’ll make a way with ya rhyme/ Things are gone play out the way they s’posed ta/ I take my radio waves from God, open my mouth/ And let Him say what He say/ And Heaven’s Radio plays/ Changing the station turned me to a page that marked/ The start of a chapter in my day to day/ I was lost/ And found within these tracks ways to pray through a verse/ And converse with my creator face to face/ Father/ Thank you for the fam you kept me blessed with/ Speaking through them, making it clear when I’m too clouded to directly catch the message/ Seem like when it’s right in my face/ I can’t dissect it or digest it/ And I guess it just get better with time/ And I’m evolving, so I guess I just get better with rhyme/ So keep me involved in tryin’ to make the best of my time/ I cut my antennas, but I still got ya megawatts cranked up in the Box like Boom

[Hook] C’mon crank it up [Yeah Louder]/ I speak to God through the beat/ I speak to you through the rhyme/ He speaks to you through my voice/ He speaks to me through you

[Verse 2] And as I transmit ya signal/ May every sentence be delivered more clever than it was on the last instrumental/ When writer’s block don’t like to help, you say relax and let the song write itself, son/ Breathe/ And close my eyes if I gotta, open my mind/ I got a lotta words to receive/ For word to disperse for the verses to the beats/ That go up against the beast/ If I keeo the faith, then I’ll survive/ Ughh/ I thought I’ll never make it out alive/ But, God, you used to tell me just prove ‘em wrong and you’ll impress’ em/ And always tell the truth in ya songs and you will bless’ em/ Remember who you are, where you from and never let them/ Take that away from you, cause it’s yours, you are a legend/ Get on the mic and skewer them bars/ And lay it down, slay e’ down with the truth of the Force/ And you can choose your own adventure/ Just tell ‘em that I sent ya


[Verse 3] And I’m asking for forgiveness/ For asking why you chose me to be the father of a kid with a special condition/ There’s a blessing in this lesson, so I pray for clear reception/ So I understand the bigger picture/ ‘Cause life often takes you for a turn/ February 5th, we gave birth to a sky walker/ And we were told she wouldn’t be around long, but she can prove the doctor wrong/ She’s fighter like her father/ And feisty like her mama/ However long she has on this earth, I’m just honored that you even let her be with me/ And without saying anything, she visits Heaven’s Radio frequency frequently/ And she speaks to me/ At first sight, she took the breath out my lungs/ I poke my chest out, because she brings the best out the least of me/ The broadcast that you bring through her is my life saver/ My challenge, my love, my Jada



from Heaven's Computer, released September 25, 2012
Producer: Erik L



all rights reserved


7evenThirty Jackson, Mississippi

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