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Twenty Twelve

from by 7evenThirty

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7evenThirty is coming to reset the game. The Jackson, Mississippi rhymer has meticulously crafted a sound that is equal parts Outkast and Bootcamp Click. For his Mello Music Group debut, Heaven’s Computer, 7even is pulling out all the stops with a cosmic concept album that is just as much about ripping apart wack MC’s as interplanetary conflict.

To celebrate this apocalyptic moment MMG & 7even are letting off the buckshot, “Twenty Twelve.” As the title alludes, the track sounds like a Mayan prediction on wax. 5D flips a gritty rock loop into a raw serving of monster music and 7evenThirty turns into Max Redrum, an outer-space rhymer with fangs sharpened who has “psychiatrists rockin’ 3-D goggles smoking peace pipes” trying to see what he thinks like.

Resistance is futile. Heaven’s Computer has crash-landed and can be found infiltrating physical and digital outlets everywhere. There is no escape.


[Verse 1] Destructive by design/ One touch and I’m inclined to get gully and vulgar/ I only first landed and killed Scully and Mulder/ Sci-Fi horror flick/ Distorted mix master soundtrack sorta slaughter/ Quarter click from major personality disorder/ Boy I got them fangs sharpened/ And got that “thang” chargin’/ Runnnin’ down the street screamin’ like a wild beast flingin’ funky styles at you/ And even 5-D’s beats is bustin’ shots at you/ So duck mu’fucka, or get painted on the wall like these other mu’fuckas/ Jeepers, only remains are gold chains/ Mangled pieces/ Stains on my Addidas/ Abstract artist that got ya whole squad lookin’ like a Jackson Pollock, splattered on canvas/ Slappin’ those stanzas to ya face with no safety regulation taken into consideration/ Instant defacement with incineration/ Come with that junk, get thrown in the trunk with the rest of them pitiful emcees and them CDs you passed out you know I never will listen to/ You’re landfill material [garBITCH]/ It’s the player hater dark wit/ Laser saber Dark Sith/ And you say you Mace Windu, so I sling you out the window/ Fuck you and the Force, I’m the source/ Shine light in your third eye and throw you off coarse/ I’m the enemy/ Plus I know all your history/ The thing about me, you can’t de-mystify the mystery/ Unidentifiable/ Only one survivor that’s seen me can just describe and indefinable entity/ I got psychiatrists rockin’ 3-D goggles, smokin’ peace pipes/ Said they trying to see what I think like/ Seems like you were put here for me to exercise my lower chakra/ Drop the hammer on ya/ Proper

[Verse 2] Back the fuck up, boy he might shock ya/ My ghetto blaster/ Turns into an atom smasher/ At the press of a button and I ain’t read the instructions/ So it’s best you don’t touch him unless you plan to get mopped up/ I’m from a planet called Off With His Head, that’s part of a solar system called Kill A Rapper Dead/ And once I tap into that monster mode in my soul, all I see is read flashes/ All you see is blackness


from Heaven's Computer, released September 25, 2012
Producer: 5-D



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7evenThirty Jackson, Mississippi

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